Swetland Building Masonry Restoration

Originally designed by architects Searles, Hirsch & Gavin in 1910, The Swetland Building set vacant for many years.  From May 2013 to October 2014 the 13 story structure received a complete facade and roof restoration converting the structure into apartments, offices, a roof top restaurant and a specialty grocery store on the first floor.

The original brick and terra cotta facade was severely deteriorated, along with the steel super structure due to 15 years of vacancy, water infiltration and freeze/thaw cycles.  The terra cotta cornice was removed in its entirety in the late 1980's due to catastopic failure and replaced with plain brick masonry. 

WR Restoration, in concert with the Architect of Record and the Preservation Architect was selected to provide design/build restoration services.  Through collaborative design sessions we developed a new cornice structures meeting, window profiles and storefront entrances meeting historic requirements. 

This project was completed in tandem with our glazing division that replace and/or restored all 391 windows.  This project was completed in 17 months.