Alley Cat Restaurant located in The Flats, Cleveland Ohio

Geis Construction hired The Ritenour Group to supply and install the interior flooring, all of the glazing, exterior metal panels and wood siding at the new Alley Cat Restaurant in downtown Cleveland Ohio in 2016.

RC Glass supplied and installed all exterior glass curtain wall and store front glass systems.  All metal panels and soffit fascia were supplied and installed by RC Glass and Lou Ritenour Decorators.  The wood siding was reclaimed from a warehouse in Wisconsin and trucked to Ritenour’s carpenter shop in Ohio where it was custom cut and then installed on-site.  The custom layout of the wood was designed by The Ritenour Group. 

This project is an example of the breadth of knowledge and service that The Ritenour Group can bring to a project by combining our glazing knowledge and experience with our knowledge and experience in carpentry and interior finishes.

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