Ritenour's WR Restoration group chemically cleaned the exterior granite surfaces using low-pressure, with ProSoCo SafRestore and tuck-pointed mortar joints to match the historic mortar. 

The ornamental bronze doors and decorative lunettes had been previously painted. The paint was removed using sponge media blasting ensuring original surfaces remain intact. Bronze surfaces were coated to bring out the deep bronze glow and highlighting the details of the doors and lunettes.

The second and third story windows are cast metal. At the base of each window bay is a decorative railing. Due to lack of maintenance over the years both the window frames and decorative railings showed significant corrosion. The existing railings were removed from the building, taken off-site and restored to original condition. The window frames and decorative elements were cleaned using the sponge blasting process and protected with a zinc rich epoxy primer and urethane topcoat. 

The original railings were missing when the project started. However, the original connection points on the door jams and the front façade of the building remain. Through deductive work and historic photographs, a set of replicating railings were produced to match the original design and installed in the original locations.

Ritenour's WR Restoration division brought this historic Cleveland landmark back to its original beauty on time and on budget.

Ameritrust Rotunda Restoration

The Rotunda located at the intersection of East 9th and Euclid in Cleveland Ohio was the home of the Cleveland Trust Company from 1908 until 1996 when it was vacated.  The Geis Companies purchased this historic Cleveland landmark in 2103 and hired Ritenour to restore and prepare the building for the new tenants. 

The main room at the center of the building has 13 ornate columns with a Tiffany style done ceiling and murals painted by Francis Millet depicting the pioneer movement that resulted in the settlement of the State of Ohio.  The building also contained the original bronze doors, ornamental ironwork, marble floors and walls, and an enormous brass vault.