A Schulman Headquarters Glazing

In 2011, A Schulman, ranked as one of North Americas 30 largest compounders and concentrate makers with sales of over $2 billion and manufacturing facilities all over the world were rapidly outgrowing their corporate headquarters located in Fairlawn Ohio.  

A Schulman, impressed with the work Ritenour performed for Veyance Technologies, contacted Ritenour to help secure a new location for their World Wide and North American Headquarters.  In a collaboratove effort with the city of Fairlawn, Ritenour secured the location and design of the new headquarters located a few miles away from their existing location. 

Ritenour built the foundation and walls using insulated concrete forms (see Hofbrauhaus job for more information on ICF) and installed all of the windows.  All interior finishes and materials were purchased and selected by Ritenour and installed by Ritenour's union craftsmen.  The entire project took 7 months to construct and was completed 5 months ahead of schedule. 

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